Advantages Of Blu-Ray Disc

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Blu-Ray Disc
3G AND 4G Blu-ray disc

Introduction: After DVD, comes the latest and the highest technology up so far; the BLU RAY disc. Blur Ray disc can store HD (High Definition) videos at about 1080 pixels. Physically, it is of same size as CDs and DVDs. Regardless of its same size, it can store upto 27 GB of data, which equals to more than two hours of a HD video and and 13 hours of SD video. As it uses blue violet laser to write and read, therefore it is named as Blu-Ray. It was developed by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). Oficially, Blu-ray disc specification was announced in 2002. Blu Ray disc players were globally visible in 2006.

History: The first prototypes of DVR blue were released at the exhibition
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For compact type of recording devices like camcorders and others, mini recordable blu-ray disc and mini rewritable blu-ray discs are specifically designed.
Benefits and advantages of Blu-Ray Disc: One of the greatest advantages of Blu Ray Disc includes it’s large storage.They come with 25 to 50 GB of spaces. Talking about the advantages, the high resolution video played by Blu Ray discs has outperformed all the media types by delivering almost about 48 MB pixels per second of super quality video.In addition to these, Blu Ray disc also provides high quality audio experience and can support upto 7.1 different channels having high definition. Moreover, the Blu Ray Discs comes in hard coating which make them much more durable and reliable as compared to the CDs and DVDs.
As the digital world gets advanced day by day, the production of Blu Ray Disc is a remarkable achievement in the long run. It has provided not only with something reliable and durable, but also a source which can make the videos and other amusements more attractive and worth viewing. It has also revolutionized the industry in a profitable
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3g and 4G
After the first and second generations, came the third generation called shortly as “3G”. These generations are related to the mobile telecommunications technology. The research for 3G were started in 1992. The standards and specifications were developed within the time of fifteen years. In Asia, Nepal Telecom, for the very first time, adobted the service of 3G. By the date of June 2007, a large part of world’s population was connected with 3G connection of which about 8.2 million connection were of India and 10 million that of Nepal. The 3G technology in Pakistan was launched recently on 23rd of April,2014. The auction took place in which telenor,ufone and mobilink got the license for 3G where as Zong (China Mobile’s network) got both 3G and 4G. The 3G means high speed internet access having speed upto 2Mbps for indoor environments, almost 384 Kbps for urban areas and upto144Kbps for mobile in wide area environments. 3G has more secured connection than 2G and 1G. Instead of using A5/1 stream cipher, it uses a more secured and reliable technlolgy of KASUMI