Advantages Of Federalism In The United States

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Federalism works well and usually benefit larger countries best, the United States relies on federalism and since has had lots of improvements. It is one of the most important factors of the U.S. constitution and although it is not specially stated there. It covers many issues, laws, citizen rights as well as the state and federal government and works by having “two or more governments exercise power and authority over the same people and the same territory”. Federalism has many advantages that benefit our country but also has a few disadvantages. The primary reason it's federalism is significant is because it allows for power to be divided. Power being under a certain person or group will most likely result in corruption, therefore the way …show more content…
All citizens can participate in our democracy, in fact there are various opportunities for them to participate, not only on federal level but state and local levels too. In the United states we have a collection of ways and different forms of engaging with the democracy. Although some may be more common than others, it's crucial to always participate in any way and as many ways as possible.Every Citizen of the United States has a voice and is critical that each and every person uses it. When there are certain rules or laws that we all need to follow but don't agree with, you have the chance to change that when voting for it or by using your voice for what you believe. One common example of that federalism allows the people to participate regarding politics, is voting. Voting is definitely a major opportunity that many might take for granted. In other countries people do not have that freedom, so since we the people of the United states have that opportunity we should take advantage. Education is an important factor when it comes to voting . People who've had a better education tend to be the ones who vote; Mainly because they understand the concepts of politics more. Usually well educated people understand complex issues and know and see the importance of participating. Women as well as some racial and ethnic groups tend to have the lowest percentage of voting. They are all given the opportunity but many don't take it. It may be because years ago they weren't allowed, women along with some ethnic groups were seen as lower than white, which isn't the cause now but that history still has an effect in some people today. Every citizen's opinion matters, it's what our how we make our country better. Citizens also have the privilege to register to be a candidate, run a campaign, or to be elected which is an amazing opportunity that us americans