Advantages Of Hemp

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The Natural Advantages of Hemp More Valuable than Any Other Crop The profits of Hemp are over 25,000 things that can be made in which are more valuable to our environment than any other plant. Some of the benefits include gasoline, Food Source and paper production. All these are part of a vast list of things that Hemp fibers and oils can be used to better our living. Although some may argue Hemp and Marijuana cannot be distinguished and can me Marijuana plants to easily hide, it’s untrue. This argument lacks validation as both of the plants are different. A Hemp leaf is different from Marijuana in the way they are spread out and shaped. Hemp is a bamboo that is tall, think and reaches up to 14 feet; Marijuana is short and bushy. Farmers oppose to having Marijuana grow mixed with Hemp as their goal is to have a pure seed for their nutrients. As Craig Savoye reports, “Hemp proponents call it a miracle crop” (para 2). In other words, it benefits those who support having a quality life because of all the pure and natural things we can get from this plant. All the benefits it brings to our health, living and well-being from being a natural foundation make is phenomenal. Furthermore, another advantage of Hemp is the pulp that can be made into gasoline. The process for making gasoline out of hemp plant is called pyrolysis. Craig …show more content…
It is a good food source for vegetarians and vegans to use as part of their diet as it has close no saturated fats. “Hemp seed protein closely resembles protein as it is found in the human blood” (Julin 2a). As we can see Hemp can’t get any better than it already is. It gives us the best benefits of its oils and seeds. It can also be organic which brings out another great aspect of this plant and consumers. Animals also take advantage of the natural benefit of Hemp, one of them being a bird. Whole seeds for birds can be made from Hemp and add up to the list of benefits of this plant (Julin