Advantages Of Same Sex Marriage In Hong Kong

Words: 2012
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In the recent years, more and more homosexual comes out of the closet and admit being homosexual. It seems like the society being more and more open and there are fewer people will wear color glasses to look and treat them. However, there always have an issue that concern and discuss by people ardently, that is should same-sex marriage be legal in Hong Kong? Different people have their own points of view, some people for the same-sex marriage should be legal in Hong Kong and some against it. In the below, I will talk about some history about same-sex marriage, why people support or against same-sex marriage and my points of view.

Same-sex marriage means that two people of the same-sex get marry to each other. Netherlands was the first country
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No matter you are heterosexuality or homosexuality, no one can hinder you since everyone have their right to get marry. Therefore, some people will support same-sex marriage be legal in Hong Kong since Hong Kong is a place that respect of human rights. According to The Basic Law, article 37, ‘The freedom of marriage of Hong Kong residents and their right to raise a family freely shall be protected by law.’ and everyone are equality before the law. Homosexuality has right to get marry in Hong Kong …show more content…
The reason that against same-sex marriage are the problems of religion and traditional.

On the other hand, the reasons why the people support same-sex marriage are people believe that everyone has their freedom to choose who you are getting marry to and the government should protect this freedom. Also, the think same-sex marriage can safeguard the rights and interests of the same-sex couples to help them live more comfortable. Finally, if same-sex marriage is legal in Hong Kong, the same-sex couples can declare their marriage with family, public, public officials’ witness in a publicity solemn occasion as heterosexuality.

Also, I have talked about some of my opinion of why I think same-sex marriage should be legal in Hong Kong too. I think same-sex marriage should be legal in Hong Kong and I hope that same-sex marriage can be legal in Hong Kong as soon as possible so that the same-sex couples can live as husband and wife happily without any people misunderstanding. Also, I hope Hong Kong people can accept same-sex marriage in Hong Kong since it is really hard for you to find out the one you really love and both of you think the other side are the true love of your life throughout the