Advantages Of Scotland Gaining Independence Essay

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By gaining independence from the United Kingdom, Scotland would gain more political power. For example, the newly independent country would be able to control the money from their oil reserves more efficiently and with less restrictions and taxes would be controlled strictly by the Scottish government. In the Conservative Party, one of the political parties in the United Kingdom, Scotland has no seats. If Scotland gains independence, there is a possibility that they could branch out of the Conservative Party and have full control over political decisions. More political power is an advantage that would be guaranteed to the Scottish government if they were to gain independence.
In Scotland, there is not an equal balance of young and old people due to the policies for working immigrants. Independence is a solution to this problem because Scotland could create its own immigration policies that will benefit its economy. For example, the amount of overseas students in Scotland has been low due to the tough and limited policies on immigration that the United Kingdom has. With this in mind, if Scotland were to gain independence and make policies with less restrictions, students from around the world would be able to go study and work in Scotland. As a result of this, a more balanced and stable economy would be
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Politically, they would be better off because of all the power given to them. On the topic of immigration, decrease in regulation would affect the country’s economy positively. Now, businesses would leave if Scotland were to gain independence. This will have a negative impact on the country. Part of this is caused by a lack of knowing what the future currency would be. Without the British pound, Scotland wouldn’t be successful unless they created their own currency. All of this is impactful on the people of Scotland because jobs and businesses could either plummet or rise as