Advantages Of Studying Abroad

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With trend of study abroad in the whole world, a huge amount of students might have gone overseas to attend a college. Today, China is probably becoming a popular place for overseas students to stop over to acquire knowledge since its low fees, security and various of reasons (Miller 2017) . In this essay, however, I will mainly discuss about maybe study abroad in China is unnecessary for foreigners, which can be divided into three parts: the tremendous culture shock; language learning and environmental issues. Here comes the explanations.
To start with, China is one of the four ancient civilizations and it is the only one carrying its ancient elites till now (Seelinger 2017) . Thus, Chinese civilization could be the most aggressive culture for short-term foreign
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That is why foreigners are not always speaking Chinese accurate. However,
Lance Michelson suggests that Chinese and English have the same order so Chinese students would have a great superiority to learn English (Michelson 2016) . Maybe some experts might argue that Chinese is not so hard for English-speaking students because the order of English is exactly as same as Chinese order. On the contrary,
Alexlyce holds a strong views that Chinese does not have alphabet to check and
Chinese language learning has kinds of dictionaries, which would leave students a dilemma (Alexlyce 2011) . Learning Chinese is challenging because it depends on syllables, language organization, pronunciations and other factors. It would cost much more time than learning other language. Therefore, it is unnecessary to study abroad in China for its over language-learning cost.

Indeed, culture shock or Chinese learning could be a problem but maybe are not the worst situation in China. The environmental issues is probably very serious in recent China. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US
EPA) standard, more than 90% Chinese people live an unhealthy life because of