Advantages Of The Waterfall Model

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Waterfall model
The waterfall model is a 6 phase process where each phase has to be completed before the next one begins it is the earliest SDLC approach that was used for the development of software they are used to develop small business and science projects
. Model is simple and easy to use it's a simple process as they give clear instructions on how to complete each phase
.The model works well with smaller projects it's not very effective with big projects as it is much slower with them
.The model is easy to manage each phase is easy to keep control of as everything is given in a list and then everything is made sure that it is correct before moving onto the next stage

.not good for big/long projects takes
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When presenting sketches and blueprints of the product for the users for their feedback they get give feedback that is correct and will help make the design better

.each phase of an iteration is rigid with no overlaps
. Costly system architecture or design issues may arise because not all requirements are gathered up front for the entire lifecycle

Agile development model
Agile development model is also a type of incremental model which is is a method of software development where the product is designed, implemented and tested incrementally (a little more is added each time) until the product is finished. It involves both development and maintenance.. Software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. This results in small incremental releases with each building on previous functionality. Each released is thoroughly tested to ensure software quality is maintained. this develops products quickly and updates them several
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In RAD model the components or functions are developed in parallel as if they were mini projects. The developments are time boxed, delivered and then assembled into a working prototype.this works quickly and gives customers something to see and use and to also give feedback.this developments high cost projects allowing them to be in mass detail and have high availability of designers for modeling to make it the best it can be

. Reduced development time this means it doesn’t take as long as other models to develop so it's up and running quicker for the customer
. Increases reusability of components these means there is a good chance that the components can be reused
. Quick initial reviews occur reviews are quickly done so feedback is given back to the