Advantages and Disadvantages of No Smoking in Working Places Essay

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Discuss advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces including the perspective of both employers and employees and their rights and obligations.

The speedy spread of tobacco products and users all over the world is causing significant concern that has become a worldwide challenge. The leaders of different countries are now expressing their concern about the rapidly increasing number of smoking-related deaths. Recent reports reveal that approximately 4.9 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to smoking. This number is expected to rise to a notable 10 million deaths by 2030, if strong policies on tobacco control are not implemented worldwide. Tobacco -smoking is currently considered the second major cause of death.
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• Direct healthcare costs to the company may be reduced. • It may be possible to negotiate lower health, life, and disability coverage as employee tobacco use is reduced. • The risk of fires is lower. • Managers are relieved when a process for dealing with tobacco use in the workplace is clearly defined. • Absenteeism is lower due to smoking-related illnesses. • Maintenance costs go down when smoke, matches and cigarette butts are eliminated in facilities. • Office equipment, carpets and furniture last longer.
An Employer's Role in the Tobacco Free Workplace If you have smokers at the workplace, you know that the smoke is not only annoying to other workers but is also a health hazard. Healthcare costs are consequently increased, and insurance rates go up in workplaces where tobacco is used. In addition, fire safety is decreased and absenteeism rises. As if to add insult to injury, a work environment with smokers has furniture that will always stink and must be replaced often. When you look at the whole picture, benefits of a tobacco free workplace are many and large. As an employer, you need to create firm smoking policies and make sure they are clear to your managers. Managers are the individuals who have to enforce them, so ambiguous or unclear policies will make them unenforceable. Perhaps you could also make a program incentive where nonsmokers and those who stop smoking