Advent Child Development Center

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CENTER VISITED: Advent Child Development Center
2230 Rock Spring Road
Forest Hill ,MD 21050

1.Yes. They have a writing statement of goals. Please see the attached sheet pertaining to educational goals of the program.

2.yes. Indoors is adequate,they have divide the classroom in different areas,we can find block areas,toys and games,cooking and snack,art; They have tables for snacks and a bathroom inside the classroom. The center have a capacity to enrollment 115 children. For each three children there is a teacher or a caregiver. Outdoors,it is a huge space behind the church where the kids can play and be in touch with the nature. It is equipment with a playground area.

3.yes, The room is arranged to keep the children busy and challenged. The spacious block area is a favorite for the children. This area is equipped with large, wooden blocks (which are really fun!), wooden trucks, small unit blocks, card board blocks, cars, car mats and roads, trains, large floor puzzles and accessories such as pretend people, animals and dinosaurs for enhancing creative play. The large floor puzzles also encourage children to collaborate and work together. The book area has a fluffy rug, small couch, chair and pillows giving the children a comfortable place to sit with their friends. A wide variety of books are available for children to look at alone or with their friends. center has a wide variety of supplies for children to choose from throughout the day. Materials include: markers, scissors, paper, envelopes, magazines, colored pencils, stencils, stamps, chalk to use at the large chalk board and many more. There are opportunities for painting activities such as easel painting, water colors, sponge painting and finger painting. I could get into the infant room,it is amazing. How they arrangement,they have creep

4.Yes,the space is well used,as I mention before each area is well arrangement to encourage children to explore and do the activities,The room is arranged to allow for opportunities to learn through directed play,The classroom is neat and orderly, so everyone can feel comfortable and at ease. Above all, it is a friendly, non-threatening place, where students feel safe and secure. When I entered the doors of the classroom, I immediately saw children playing and working with materials such as magnifying glasses, puzzles, magnets, and more. It may look as if students are just having fun, but they are actually learning valuable lessons. The walls have poster with numbers,colors,letters and objects that children can identify around them,they are color-full to catch children 'attentions.

5. The relation adult to child is very respectful,but at the same time affectionate. Teachers greet children as they arrive, help them remove outer garments, and select an activity of interest. After that,they talk about what they will learn today and made some simple questions. Each day’s activities balance individual and group play and quiet and active time. Children are given some freedom to participate in activities in which they are interested.
Teachers walk through the classroom and help children when they are doing their activities they serve nutritious meals and snacks and teach good eating habits and personal hygiene. They ensure that children have proper rest periods. They spot children who may not feel well or show signs of emotional or developmental problems and discuss these matters with their supervisor and the child’s parents. They schedule the activities during the day. They divide the program into the different ages:
Twinkling Stars” Infant Program (6 weeks to 18 months)
Your little “Twinkling Stars” are symbols of new hope and life! The foundation of our infant program is based on the safety, health and individualized development of every child in our care. The longevity and experience of our highly qualified staff set our program apart. From singing,