Adventure and Becca Essay

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ENC 1102
2 April 2014
A couple months back I met a very intriguing person, her name was Becca. Though we have only known each other for four months, we know so much about each other. Becca is like the ocean, she can be smooth and calm but then she can be wild, hard to control. We often talk about adventures and sailing the seas, she said one time, “let’s go on a swashbuckling adventure together someday!” Then as we come up with our adventures and start writing a comic called, The Adventures of Becca and Caleb, we found out that we get into a lot of mischief. So the tale begins on how two people across the U.S., who have never met each other in person, go upon this epic journey together to the end of the world and back. It’s hard to find someone who has a lot of spirit. This is something that Becca has a lot of, for she is a polish pirate. She says that, “all I want to do is sail the treacherous seas, explore ancient lost dungeons, write tales so that they may be sung in pubs of our adventures, and drink the night away while looking up at the stars.” I knew that when I first saw her there was something special about her, she looks like Juno but with more spunk. I told her that, “someday we’ll sail the seven seas, journey to the end of the earth, stare death in the face, and conquer all who oppose us!” She smiled and “argged!” as we would someday set sail. When I’m feeling down Becca knows how to cheer me up, as we throw together one of our stories and start adventuring together. One day though she wasn’t feeling all that adventures so I asked her what was wrong? She didn’t want to bother with it and just kept to herself until I finally got her to open up. She had been getting into a lot of trouble with her parents lately and had been falling behind in school. So I said, “ think of the Brightside, though they may be mad at you now, think of what you can do to fix the problem than to make it worse, a pirate may take unnecessary actions but a captain sees the plan through till the end.” After hearing that a smile appeared across her face and she said, “I am very grateful and lucky to have a friend who cares so much.” Then as we snapped back into reality we started