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Justin Vazquez
Mr. Smith
Adventure Ed
October 17, 2014

Adventure Ed Q1 Exam Essay

Adventure Ed is not your typical P.E class. In fact, I don’t take it as a P.E class period. Adventure to me helps enhance sets of skills I use in my every day lives. For example, we are all forced to be a leader at one point in time in the class due to the activities we play. Depending on the activity, it brings out a new leader that is comfortable with what the activity is. Each activity is very different from the other; this is why some people may feel more comfortable to lead the activity. This class has allowed me to talk with groups of people that I haven’t really talked to before. When is comes to school I usually had a close circle of friends because I didn’t really know anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen everybody in this class before, but have I ever engaged in a conversation with them? No. I’ve become pretty close friends with the people in this class and I can say our relationships outside of class have changed for the good as well. We have played many games and activities that cannot be done individually. Adventure Ed makes sure we work as a team in all that we do. One game we played was having two separate pieces of rope tied to my partner and mines wrist, but the ropes crossed each other. We were expected to separate from each other with out removing the rope from our wrist. This made us use both of our brains and we both needed to provide ideas to how we were going to get out of the ropes. I realized even the most independent individual cannot do anything on his own. That is the truth to things. I discovered that given the situation, leadership just comes naturally. I have learned a lot in this class that will definitely help me in my future as college student and in my social settings. This class has made it even easier to speak out in front of people without getting shy or anything. After every activity we sit in a circle in the gym and just do a reflection. The reflection consists of the positives and negatives of the activity we were doing. I am often anxious to speak first or at least give in put to the reflection. Because every person in the gym has something to say about the activity but our to shy to say it. I like to be the one to get the ball to start rolling and then everyone start sharing. I feel like this will help me in the future…