Essay on Adventures In Satire

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Adventures in Satire—2014

The satirist is trying to show people that Facebook’s privacy policy is terrible and anyone can see your profile even if it’s private. Facebook needs to change their privacy so only people who the person wants to see their profile can see it. This is irony because the eye is Facebook’s privacy policy and it’s looking over the persons shoulder watching what they’re doing. The persuasive appeal is ethos.

This satirist is trying to say that Google is taking over the world by showing one of the biggest super carriers with Google’s name on it. Google is becoming too big too fast and if we’re not careful then something bad could happen. This is an exaggeration because there is no way Google could but a super carrier. The persuasive appeal is ethos.

This satirist is trying to show that eating healthy isn’t always the best thing to do. There is a newspaper that says salmonella is in vegetables and the guy is eating a salad while the guy eating the donuts and junk food is making fun of him for eating healthy because he might have salmonella now. It is irony because eating healthy is supposed to be good but getting salmonella isn’t so good. The persuasive appeal is logos.

This satirist is trying to show that the government is always watching what we do. The government is invading our privacy and we can’t do anything without them hearing or seeing it. It is an exaggeration because the government doesn’t have cameras and microphones everywhere we…