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Integrating real and virtual

Prepared by Prof. Vicente Martin Mastrocola, ESPM-SP.
Recommended disciplines: Digital Communication and Integrated Communication.
This is a fictitious case, the preparation of which is the sole responsibility of the author. Developed solely for the purpose of study in an academic environment. Any resemblance to actual facts have been coincidental. Copyrighted ESPM.
2008 / centraldecases
Central Cases
integrating real and virtual
| | Ceennttrraall ddee Caasseess 3
This case has the function to work and generate understanding of promotional concepts to the internet using advergames - games marketing purposes and communication.
The case still intends to instigate the thought of integrated communication assuming joining online communication, embodied in a hot site with games, with traditional communication (magazine, point-of-sale and TV).
The objective is to study the flow of consumer / user real world to virtual (and vice versa) and how it comes into contact with a brand, service or product during the action.
Advergames, digital communication, promotion, integrated communications, entertainment.
| Customer Cases 4
In this case, we will study the fictitious business
"Snack Co.", the manufacturer also fictitious snack "Crockstar".
The Snack Co. is releasing the flavor "four cheeses "and that the snack Crockstar comes with launching a campaign innovative linking codes contained figurines in the packaging with a game online, beyond support for TV and magazine.
This material is intended to observe the flow contact with the brand and all interactions possible with the public.
| Customer Cases 5
Company History
The "Snack Co." operates in the food industry since 1982, manufacturing snack foods the most varied tastes. Their product line is extensive, but the flagship product is snack "Crockstar" which is in the form of more than 8 estrelinhas different flavors. The company's products under study are of high quality, rivaling with its main competitor: Elma Chips - manufacturer of consecrated as Cheetos, Doritos and Fandango.
Target Audience
The target audience of Crockstar are children / pre-teens aged 9 to 13 years. A "Snack
Co. "categorizes them as Tweens (between + teen). However, it is worth to pay attention to studies that can help to better delineate the characteristics of that audience.
A 2006 survey of the Target Group Index, published in the special issue on Convergence, magazine Meio & Mensagem, analyzed that the young Brazilian, among
12 and 18, classes A, B, AB and C, in the period close to 17h consumes up to three media simultaneously, ie, in a hypothetical example, this young man can surf the internet, watching TV and talking with a friend on a cell phone at the same time.
Other information relevant to that audience has also pages magazine Meio & Mensagem, the Special Section on Digital Consumption October
2006. A study revealed that consumers in the digital age does not want more waste time looking for things he did not want to consume. He needs references to pre-select the best options. Here we find friends who indicate products / brands / experiences to other friends who indicate to more friends, creating a new cycle of product dissemination.
About snacks "Crockstar"
The snack "Crockstar" has the character astronaut "Billy Zapper". It is very relevant, because it expresses the imagination of the audience. The character is cool, cool, roguish without being baggy. He is present in every communication product and is an element which generates the mark recognition and association.
Another feature not only of "Crockstar" but other products focused for public child is that, ever since, packets of chips "Snack Co." have a promotional gift themed. At the time of the World Cup is on toast football in the summer toast comes as temporary tattoos and pendants, for example.