The Negative Effects Of The Divorce Of Parents

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The divorce of my parents was one of, if not, the most difficult things I have ever dealt with. It was a huge change for me at such a young, immature age that it made a big difference in my overall demeanor. The once jubilant, ecstatic child I was before, had become very shy, sad and to himself. After much help from my parents and others, I learned to embrace the divorce as a stepping stone to becoming who I am rather than a setback. The divorce of my parents had both positive and negative impacts, but more so positive ones. Of course the negative ones were immediate and intimidating, but the positive ones, today, overshadow the negatives. Although there are times I wish I had both parents in one household, I am truly grateful for who it has made me become. I overcame the adversities of divorce with much help from many people. I was only eight years old whenever it happened so I was very impressionable and did it ever leave one. For two whole years, I struggled with day to day life because I had parents that were no longer together; two people who were married and lived together for nine years, no longer even spoke to one another. They thought it was a good idea that I go to therapy for a while, a year and a half to be exact, so that I could talk to someone other than them about how I felt. Therapy helped me in so many ways and it made it easier because I did have that outlet to speak to, but the moral support from my parents that I received on a daily basis is what helped