Essay about Adversities: Adolescence and Young Adults

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Adversities in Life

Adversities are hardships that adolosense face every day. These adversities come in many different forms, and they vary in their impact on young adults. Adversities can be difficult to understand and overcome. Many young adults nowadays do not know how to deal with a certain adversity correctly, causing many more problems. Some of the toughest challenges that young adults encounter include bullying, maintaining high acedemic acheivement, and peer pressure.

To start with, one of the leading causes of acedemic failure is bullying. Bullied students usually encounter a sudden drop in self-esteem. Due to the lack of self-confidence, students can stop believing in themselves. To explain, often times when students are bullied, they begin to think that they have lost their potenial to succeed.
The lack of self-esteem makes bullied students feel worthless, thinking that there is not much point in completing assignments that are given. As a result, grades begin to worsen, causing the young adult to lose more and more self-esteem. Overall, bullying is not okay and never will be. It should not be part of a young adults life.

Furthermore, maintaining high academic acheivment during adoloscense is a challenge that requires patience, determination, and the will to learn. Maintaining academic success is an adversity because very few adolosense in our society today have the patience, determination, or the will to succeed. To be successful in schoool, an adolosent must have the patience to study and complete assignments in a timely manner. Nobody can ever succeed overnight, and no matter how difficult the assignment, patience will help gaurentee that it gets completed. In addition, determination is nesesary to succeed. To illustrate, if you are not determined to complete an assignment, how will you get it done and get it done right? The last, but not least required trait is the desire to learn. If teenagers do not have the will to complete an assignment, then their chances of learning anything correctly are significantly low. Maintaining high acedemic exellence allows an adolocent to succeed through middle school, highschool, and beyond. Clearly, without patience, determination, or the will to learn, no adolocent will be able to succeed throughout their academic career.

Moreover, peer pressure is a challenge to young adults as it can cause them to lose their relationship with their friends. Teenage