Adversity: High School and National Basketball Association Essay

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There are many types of adversity people deal with in their lives. Racism, and religious hatred are two big ones that many go through in today’s world. I have also came across a type of adversity that a lot of people have which is with lack of a better word “Haters.” The kind of people that just want to see you fail, because they’re just jealous of your accomplishments. It is hard deal with these certain things that come against you, but sometimes you got to use it as fuel.
I have dealt with racism, in my past mainly because of the sport that I love. Basketball supposedly a black man’s sport, because of the majority of the men in the National Basketball Association are black. My basketball coach my freshman year was very racist on this topic. He would tell every game that basketball wasn’t the sport for my team and I, because we were all white. He was our baseball coach too, and he would tell us we need to focus on baseball because we could actually have a chance in that. Me being a young freshman and dumb believed him so I focused on baseball a lot more my freshman and sophomore year. But something didn’t feel right, all I would do on my free was play basketball and it was just so much more fun for me.
Later on my junior year I decided to quit baseball and football and just focus on basketball, and that where I took off. All the workout I got to do in the offseason helped me to become a way better ball player. I never really got the chance to just workout because I was always going into another sport, so it worked out wonders for me. I started my junior year and lead my team in points,