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Advert Script
Man 1 cutting the wet grass with is normal lawn mower and it’s not working so he is angry
Loud is music coming from the other garden
Man goes over to the fence and looks over to see someone (man 2) sitting with his stereo
“Can you turn your music down please?”
Man 1 sees the mower
Man 2 turns music down and comes up to fence
“What is that?”
Man 2 pauses the mower with his phone
“It’s my automatic lawn mower that is drying the grass whilst it cuts. Haven’t you got one? I re-use the water to water my plants so it’s very green!”
Picture of mower design presented
“With our multi-magic mower, you can sit back and relax whilst the mower cuts your grass. And don’t worry if it’s been raining, the brushes and mini heater positioned on the bottom allow your grass to be cut no matter what the weather is. A tank is situated in the mower so when water has been collected you can programme the mower to spray your plants. You may even consider filling it with fertiliser or weed killer, whatever your gardening needs are. At the back there is also a seed tank which can drop seeds in the garden to where ever you programme it to. With our magic multi mower all of your gardening problems are solved… and with the rechargeable battery after every time it’s used just position it on the charger. And with the solar panel on the top, even more energy can be produced whilst it is in action.”
It comes at a price of £? And with your first buy we provide a bag of seeds and some weed killer which can also be bought separately.”
Show man pitching football