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Advertising Analysis The society we live in today relies heavily on advertising to sell products to consumers. Everywhere we turn there is some sort of advertising lingering, whether we notice it or not. When you are driving down the highway, flipping through the pages of a magazine, or just hanging out at your local mall you can find ads. There are ads that are meant to attract your attention instantly and others where they’re not as obvious, but you see it enough that you will eventually buy it. Advertisers number one goal is to sell the product, but at the same time to get the consumer to correlate optimistic thoughts about the product. The CoverGirl ad I chose reflects what an effective ad is portrayed as. The CoverGirl ad features Drew Barrymore, who is a famous American actress and model. She is a white woman in her late thirties who is quite successful. The advertisement is selling a new mascara called lashblast length with nylon. It is also selling the beauty that comes along with using this brand new mascara. The ad is laid out like a portrait and a majority of the ad is covered by Drew. The CoverGirl logo is placed at the very top and goes across the top of her head. The logo, Drew’s shirt, and the mascara are all the color yellow. To me yellow is a very vibrant, happy color so it catches my attention. Drew is looking straight into the camera so the ad seems more dramatic and serious. It’s like she is staring right at you so it is drawing the attention towards her and her beauty. Below the image of her there is a phrase to catch the consumer’s attention, “what are extremely long, no-flake lashes wearing this season? nylon!” The word nylon is slightly larger than the other words in the statement. Underneath this there is the introduction to the new lashblast length mascara with nylon. Below all this there is a small paragraph giving some information about the new mascara, stating that your lashes will look up to 80% longer if you use this mascara. Also that this new nylon formula is flexible, but won’t flake and your lashes will look stunning all day. This is where Drew comes in. The portrait of her is nothing short of beautiful, so when you buy this mascara you will be just as beautiful as her. The ad is mostly emphasizing Drew Barrymore’s face, but is selling a make-up product so it makes it clear the primary audience is female and probably targeting slightly older woman. I’d say women ranging from their late twenties to late thirties. CoverGirl products are relatively affordable for just about anyone. Logos and ethos both present themselves in this CoverGirl ad. It is incorporating ethos by having Drew be the face of the ad. It shows that this mascara is trusted by her and it is dependable. Logos is shown by offering a statistic to get the consumer to fully