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AP English Composition

Courvoisier is an escape to another world of dreams and expensive items.
This advertisement appeals to the emotions of curiosity, dreaminess, and a separation of what is normal. This add doesn’t have an outright appearance but it shows its details without having to make it big. The way the ad is set up makes our eyes want to wonder to the majestic tree in the background. This is because of the structure of the images and also because the people in the ad are looking towards the tree. The lack of color in the ad is very significant. Everything is black and white apart from the brand name and the actual product. The use of color only on the brand name and product allows the ad to emphasize the product using color rather than size. Some colors like white and black make things seem more spaced out and not so stressful. If this ad had more colors on it, it would take away showing the product with color rather than size. It would also lose lots of curiosity that is drawn from the blank colors.
In the ad the product seems not as important because it is not the focus of the viewer's attention.
This image is shifting, anchor-less, unreal, and dream-like. This could be anywhere in time and space.
The people in the ad are dark skinned. If they people white they could mess with the shading and mess up all the colors of the ad. Their clothes are simple but different. They don’t match, the female wears a dress while the man wears shorts and a normal shirt.
The water is symbolical. Water represents life, differences, and bringing you to new places.. All of these lead to an erotic association making the viewer feel more enticed.
The boat is also symbolic because it gives the ad the qualities of a journey, adventure, or…