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Analyzing an Advertisement When opening a magazine, the first things you view is usually an advertisement. This is a common occurrence in today's society when viewing any form of media. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid and usually leaves us feeling negative about ourselves. Whether it leaves us feeling too fat, ugly, or unfortunate, ads can cause us to think twice about ourselves. The message that people take from most ads is that in order to look good, it is necessary to look like the people in the advertisement. Advertisements in magazines only get worse, conveying that being average is not being fat, that your body isn't good enough unless you weigh 100 pounds. However, we are never told the honest fact that people in these photos are touched up in order to look better so they appear skinnier and even more appealing. The advertisements are easily able to manipulate us unto thinking that the product that they are selling will make us appear as happy and appealing as the models in the photographs. The advertisement I decided to do was Kim Kardashian's new fragrance “Kim Kardashian”. The advertisement for Kim Kardashian's fragrance is, to say the least, provocative. She is dangling on a ring in midair while posing sideways similar to a showgirl. Her body is covered just enough by a bikini and a rich-looking feather overcoat. Her lips are covered in deep red lipstick and are also being puckered out. She appears thin and muscular with her abs being defined in the picture. Also, her legs are being cropped out of the picture just after her thigh along with one of her arms. The focal point of the picture was made to be her breasts, for it appears she is trying to push them up and out. Only in the corner of the page dies the product being advertised appear. By quickly glancing at the advertisement, it is not an obvious fact that it is intended to be pushing a perfume. Kim Kardashian's advertisement contains many myths in its unwritten text. One of those myths would be that your body isn't good enough. Every woman that is in a magazine is both thin and fit. It is nearly impossible to find an advertisement with someone whom isn't perfectly in shape. By using a beautiful woman with a nice body makes woman believe that they need to look like her and that if they use her perfume, they will look like her. Beautiful women are used in media to attract other women and also men. Men will buy this for their woman, because of a beautiful woman being on the cover. When you look in the magazines, most of the advertisements are beautiful women that are half dressed because that is what draws attention. It catches people's eyes. I know that when I look in magazines, I always notice the bodies because I don't look like that. Appearance is everything these days. Not only does Kim Kardashian look good in the picture, but she also looks good everywhere she goes. If we were to see Kim looking bad outside before the advertisement, we would think twice about how she looks in the advertisement. Woman are portrayed as sex symbols, and not only do other women want to look like actresses and models, but men want us to look like it. Men have a high perception of women because of what they see in magazines and movies. Women portraying themselves like this also change the perceptions of younger women. Teenagers that look in these magazines see women like Kim and want to be just like her. They see how the world views them because they don't look like that. “Two things that are not really understood by younger girls is that the body image used in advertisements is unattainable to the majority of women and that anything less than perfection in advertisements are somehow altered. Photos are altered by airbrush and are taken in the right angle in the right lighting. The women being photographed also have professional hairstylist and make-up artist to enable images that are both restricted and negative. They are restricted and negative due to the fact