Advertisement: White and Manipulative Text Essay

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Larissa Westphal
ENGL 101
April 21, 2014

Visual Analysis Paper

The Crest advertisement features a female person (Shakira) with long blond wavy hair and a big glamorous smile. The ad sells white strips to whiten your teeth in an inexpensive way. Additionally, when using the product, they make a promise to the readers by saying that they will become the ‘’Spotlight’’ of the community. It appears in the 2013 issue of the InStyle magazine and is clearly marketing towards young women who like to spend money on beauty products. The advertisement does not target to a specific social group. Choosing the Latina model Shakira makes the ad appealing to many ethnic groups. The packaging of the product, which is placed on the left bottom, has a shimmer with lots of blue tones as a background color on it. The blue and white shading colors in the background makes Shakira pop out. This Crest advertisement uses a famous model to represent fresh beauty after using this product. It achieves this by employing a convincing layout, manipulative text and engaging chromatics. The layout presents a famous person to convince the readers that they will look more beautiful. The ad uses Shakira because she has a lot of charisma, which draws even more attention in order to get people to buy the product. The ad places the model in the center of the poster; so the first symbol that people see is how charming the model is. Shakira has long blonde hair and flawless skin along with a bright smile. The ad suggests that you will look like her and turn into a completely fresh beauty. Also, having white teeth gives a confident feeling and motivates people to enjoy living their lives. On the left side, they placed the packaging of the product. At the right bottom, the layout indicates a manipulative text as well as the description of the product. The ad directly shows what it is selling through the manipulative text. It successfully promotes its product by saying ‘’Step into the spotlight with a Crest 3D white smile’’. The text also says that the product is stronger than most toothpastes and is less expensive than a ‘’$500 professional treatment’’, which attracts people even more. According to the text, the Crest 3D White Whitestrips safely removes stains. However, it might damage…