Advertisers Use Advertisements To Sell Lies To Their Audience Essay

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Some Promises Just Cannot Be Fulfilled
Perfume- Wonder-struck Enchanted by Taylor Swift:
It is strongly believed that advertisers do use advertisements to sell lies to their target audience. This is briefly shown throughout the ad; Enchanted Wonder-struck by Taylor Swift perfume. This thesis states more about how the advertisements use lies to convince the buyers into purchasing their products. The main key features are the visual and textual techniques that are used to support it to sell lies to their target audience. It has been clearly shown that by using those two main key features; visual and textual techniques advertisers definitely use lies to outshine other products and attract buyers into buying their item.

Visual Techniques such as colour have been used by the advertisers to make it more appealing, send a message, and to sell lies. Symbolism is used in this ad as it shows a female wearing a red dress more as a fairy-tale stylish princes-flowing and magical, it gives the impression that someone is sitting in a haunted forest as wild greens are growing in the background, there appears to be window frames in the background making it as if it were a haunted house in the woods, the red chair looking object that looks to be leaned against looks similar to a coach. The message that the producers are trying to get across is that, this perfume has to be bought and after putting it on you shall feel like Taylor Swift and live a fairy-tale life. Digging deeper into it, the manufacturers are promising that when the perfume will be worn the person wearing it shall grab everyone’s attention and make the buyer feel beautiful, simply by