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There are many communication materials available in the market in order to attract society, such as TV advert, radio advert, websites and other. Since internet is being used so frequently by people these days an advertisement from such a material would be suitable. Car industries form my point of view over the years have used the smartest commercials through TV and websites. I was surfing the internet and suddently this image of a shaved goat popped, so out of curiosity I pressed and watched the full image. It is an image of a goat that has shaved legs but in a well designed way. It is about the SUV Wolkswagen car named “Touareg”. I chose this advert because it is extremely clever and simple. It makes you analyze the animal in order to compare it with the car and find the similarities in your own perspective. Therefore this advert focuses on the perception of the person. Each person can make his own meaning of this advert by his own perception.
As Ranganathan stated “The design of the web site is as important as its contents. Literature discussing the design principles of a B2C web site highlights three important issues: ease of navigation of the web site, time taken for navigation and page download, and use of multimedia to improve its visual appeal.“ It is important for a Business to attract more customers than it’s competitors because customers are the biggest revenue for a Business. A commercial needs to be smart in order to “grab” the attention of the customer. It doesn’t have to focus immediately on the company or the business rather than focus on the way it will get attention. If it succeeds then the customer obviously will read he whole advertisement therefore understand for which company the advert refers to. For example this advertisement about the SUV “Touareg” has a main message which is the immediate comparison of the car with a goat. This is because goats climb easily through mountains. They are tuff and strong, have an aggressive look and also strong legs. Therefore the customer relates the legs as the strong and steady wheels of the car, the way that goat easily climb mountains is related to the off-road section of the car and the way the goat is shaved in a way that a show poodle looks like, therefore related to a luxurious pet. The commercial has a slogan that states “Touareg. The luxury off-raod”, so again it refers to the design of the car, that even though it’s a big heavy car the design is beautiful and gives the essence of luxury. In simple words the key message the advertiser wants to communicate is that the SUV car “Touareg” it’s a luxurious off-road car that can go everywhere.

A good advertisement is defined as one that will immediately get attention and give a clear explanation for the product it is referring to. Adverts have many various characteristics in order to help businesses attract customers. This particular online advert has simple characteristics. It is catchy because it has a quote that says “Touareg. The luxury off-road”. It is brief because it has a picture of a goat and just a message, the image is pretty simple, the background is white, therefore the customer is not getting tired with many colors and the goat is white as well and on the bottom it has the brief quote. The advertisement was spread through internet. “Internet is the most important new advertising medium since television” as said by It gives the advertisement the automatic opportunity for entering the global, international market. It has many