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Executive Summary

The following report forms the layout and approach of a launch campaign for the introduction of a new female hair care range by Ben Sherman in the UK. The research allows us to define the best method and approach to follow in terms of communicating with the target audience. The objectives outlined draw attention to the new haircare range of a matching shampoo and conditioner, while maintaining the honest brand appeal of Ben Sherman. An integrated media approach for the advertising campaign was agreed upon to ensure maximum possible reach of the message. In terms of execution and timing of the advertising campaign, a burst of advertising followed by a steady drip was thought to best suit the introduction of a new product.


1.1Hair Care Market
Figure 1: Best and Worst Forecasts
2.1 Identification of Target Audience
3.1Advertising objectives
4.1 Advertising Plan
5.1Media Strategy
5.2 Advertising Message
5.3 Campaign execution
7.1Evaluation and control measures

Background to the market

The hair care industry has become increasingly dynamic with new product innovation (NPD) and technology which continues to drive sales. (Keynote: 2011) We live consumption led lifestyles and appearance and style are becoming more and more important for both men and women alike with hair care being part of daily routine and shampoo, a must have essential.

However, the hair care industry is one that has been affected by the recession in a number of ways. For example, promotional campaigns have been reduced due to budget cuts and the industry as a whole has seen a slump, with market value dropping by an estimated £21 million since 2007. (Mintel: 2012) There is a strong shift occurring within the market towards value for money promotional offers and "do-it-yourself” products. (Euromonitor International: 2012)

Market leaders such as Proctor & Gamble and Clairol are beginning to adopt new strategies of re-educating the market on the importance of good value hair products by taking a technical marketing position and promoting hair health. (op cit) However, some competitors are also highlighting the “feel-good” factor of healthy hair. Forecasted estimates suggest steady growth within the market in the coming years with an increase in sales of £302,000,000 over the next five years. (See figure 1)



Identification of target audience

The Ben Sherman female target audience consists of young stylish individuals aged 17-35, who see themselves as being different and edgy. They identify with the 'rock and roll' lifestyle that Ben Sherman represents. They are confident, easy-going people who value good quality and style. They desire a hair care range that represents who they are and they value the quality lifestyle that the brand offers. This segment is believed to be substantial and large enough to provide a steady flow of profits.
Ben Sherman targets a more affluent segment offering quality products at a medium price scale. The medium price range fits into the competitive environment of the female hair care industry and ensures the brand retains the appropriate credentials.
However, it is important to note that the recent recession has brought a shift towards a desire for honesty. Young people today feel that being themselves and finding brands that represent this is of great importance (Jobber :2004)
Advertising Insights and Strategy
Ben Sherman want to overcome the “traditional” cliché of Female haircare advertising where women are not portrayed realistically and so consumers are given a sense of false hope. The Ben Sherman brand has found its