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You need to describe the types of promotion that your business uses now.
Promotion means includes all activities designed to inform, persuade and influence people when they are making the decision to buy. My business Virgin Galactic they use different type of promotion like billboards and advertising on TV and sometime outside in the high-street this is good thing because it will get the majority of the audience attention and this will make my business develop more and earn more profit and it will make my business popular and customers will find it interesting because we get the opinion on what to change and how to change.

You need to describe the factors that your business took into account when choosing their promotion. These are; reaching the target audience- My business Virgin Galactic promotion will use Advertising a non-personal communication transmitted through mass media and it will use publicity a free promotion through news stories in newsletter, newspaper, magazines and television or maybe my business virgin galactic could use a Sales promotion that will form a communication that will not be found in advertising and personal selling, including direct mail, coupons, volume discounts, sampling, rebates, demonstrations, exhibits, sweepstakes, trade allowances, samples and point-of purchase displays In designing of a promotional plan. The target audience are like celebrity and business people that can afford this and my business Virgin Galactic is they promote they advert in the newspaper the times and the economist. And they have a VIP lounge and that is for the celebrity and the business people

The cost of advertising –the nature of the product/service- the cost of advertising is the way My business Virgin Galactic put they advert and what they include to get the audience attention and this will make my business Virgin Galactic for e.g. Virgin Galactic is the most popular business in the United Kingdom and a lot of people have it because the way the advert stands out and what they include like they don’t say something that affects the customers need and opinion and they is no controversial. And the nature of the product is the service that they do the offer they give and coupon like you get 6 month free internet this what the reader like the audience attention like My business makes them say I want this broadband is fast and secure and free 6 month internet and etc. my business will give them an offer to use internet in space to watch movies and they can get what they want inside the space ship but the maximum should be 45 kg. As you can see Virgin Owner Sir Richard Bronson net worth is 1billion so Virgin Business they have a lot of money and they are worth a lot of money.

The marketing mix –My business Virgin Galactic is a Space tourism, which offers a unique type of adventure, is no longer a dream or fantasy, but it is nearly materialized. Currently, companies in Russia, Europe, and the United States are competing to become future leaders of space tourism. Bigelow Aerospace is currently designing inflatable spacecraft’s for future hotels. The emerging space tourism industry has, to date, focused primarily on technological considerations. Virgin Galactic will be the first private space tourism company to send civilians into space and