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Project 1: Create your own cereal

In groups of two, three, or four (MAX) - You are to come up with a cereal that will appeal to a target market of your choice. As marketers you need to use the functions of marketing to come up with your cereal.

1. Product/Service mgmt- Come up with an ORIGINAL cereal brand that is not out on the market. What type of design will the cereal box and cereal have? Why did you choose that specific design? Why should customers buy your brand over others? You need to bring in a cereal box that is decorated with a sample of your cereal (can be fake).

2. Pricing- What is the cost of your cereal? Why did you choice this price? Be able to explain why you charged what you did in detail.

3. Marketing Information Mgmt- Who will your target market be SPECIFICALLY (age, race, gender, etc)? EVERYBODY is not a good answer!! How will you find out the consumers reaction to your product? Come up with a survey to assess your customer’s reaction to your cereal (5-10 questions).

4. Selling- How many people will you have on your sales force? Come up with an organizational chart of your company (who is the CEO, VP, over advertising etc)

5. Promotion- How will you advertise? Come up with a sample print advertisement to show class. Will a celebrity or spokesperson be used? You need to come up with a slogan and a jingle/rap to go with your cereal. Also, I want you to come up with a commercial to act out in class (all group members have to perform in jingle or commercial)! * BE CREATIVE

6. Distribution- Which store(s) will carry your product (why are you selling it at these stores/ does it fit with your target audience)? Will it go through a major company (like Kellogg) or will you sell it yourselves? Will you offer it online, in vending machines, at schools, etc? Will your main distribution be local, regional, or national?

You will present your information to the class as a group; make sure you are able to answer the above questions and any other that are posed by teacher. I would suggest delegating a job to each person in your team. Also, you need to have a summary/ paper that has all the information about your cereal (items listed above) - 1 to 2 pages (must be typed) MAX! BE CREATIVE; BE CREATIVE; BE CREATIVE!!!!! This is due on April 30 ****Turn this paper (Edmodo) in with your project (-5 pt if not included)


|Criteria |Excellent |Good |Fair |Poor |Score |
|Product/Service mgmt |15-14 |13 |12-11 |10-0 | |
|Concept of the cereal was original/different from others out | | | | | |
|in the market; design of the box was creative and well | | | | | |
|thought out | | | | | |
|Pricing |5 |4 |3 |2-0 | |
|Has a reasonable price range for target market; could explain| | | | | |
|price | | | | | |
|Marketing Information Mgmt |15-14 |13 |12-11 |10-0 | |
|Well defined and specific target market (age, gender, race) | | | | | |
|Marketing Information Mgmt |5