Essay about Advertising and Derek Jeter

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The brand chose this advertisement to be on TV because it is most viewed. For example, “While national TV advertising is usually out of an entrepreneur's price range, advertising on local stations and on cable television can be surprisingly affordable”.TV is easy to be advertised on. Furthermore, “Like all forms of advertising, there are different price ranges within the TV medium. Locally, you can pick up a 30-second commercial slot in a show like Oprah for an average of $90 to $300 (but check your local affiliate because prices fluctuate), or get into a noon to 4 p.m. soaps rotation with the same commercial for $150 to $300, again depending on your location and also the time of the year”. TV will be less to advertise. Therefore, TV is the form of media the advertisers used.

The targeted audiences are young sporty drivers. For example, sporty drivers are drivers that usually go to sporting events. When the viewers recognize a voice or a familiar face (like Derek Jeter) they might want to engage in a purchase of the car. Furthermore, the audience would want to buy the car for higher class. The car is going to increase the consumer’s/owner’s status of their life-living situations. Therefore, young sporty drivers are the targeted audience.

The persuasive technique that the advertisers are using is testimonial. For example, the advertisers use testimonial because they used a famous athlete. The sponsor that they used was Derek Jeter. When he started talking about the car