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I) Charge:
The teams had to create an ad campaign for Marquis Jets. A 30-second promo, print campaign and media plan are required for the task to be completed.

II) Summary: At the beginning of the episode, Omarosa comes up with an idea of randomly picking who the next project manager will be by picking a name from a bowl. Ereka thought it was best to vote someone for the job since they are now somewhat aware of each other’s capabilities. There was a bit of a confrontation but finally, most of the team nominates Amy as the Project Manager and she takes in the challenge. Kristi after mentions that if the bickering doesn’t stop their team could end up losing the challenge.
The next morning, they receive a call letting them know that they will be meeting at the Deutsch advertising agency. Versacorp immediately strategizes who the next Project Manager will be. At first Kwame mentions he has some experience in advertising but fails to take charge for the task. Therefore, Jason is elected as the Project Manager after he reveals that he used to work at an advertising agency. “If that’s what I have to do then I have to step up to the plate and take charge”, Jason says.
Both teams arrive at Deutsch advertising agency to meet with Donnie Deutsch and Donald Trump where there next task will be given. The teams had to create an ad campaign for Marquis Jets. A 30-second promo, print campaign and media plan are required for the task to be completed. Donnie lets them know that they will have access to all available resources in his advertising agency to help them with their task.
“Advertising is a powerful tool”, Donald Trump says. The teams will have to be able to sell the new Marquis Jet Card with big ideal and out-of-the-box advertising. Donnie tells both teams to keep reminding themselves, “We have to win this. Failure is not an option”. During his wise words segment, Donald Trump says, “Don’t negotiate with the underling, you have to deal with the boss”.
Right after, Project Manager of Protégé, Amy, comes up with the idea of calling the clients to schedule a time to meet with them in order to get a better understanding of what the vision should be and make it a reality. Amy and Ereka go to the meeting where they sit down with the CEO and the Vice President to discuss some options, while the rest of the team decide to go to see the plane.
On the other hand, Jason of Versacorp, instantly guides Nick and Bill to come up with some creative ads. At that moment, Troy mentions that maybe they should meet with the clients to find out what they are looking for. However, Jason didn’t find tht step necessary and made it clear when he said, “Why do I need to meet with them for?” Kwame agreed with Troy by saying that he believes “we should always meet with the client.” Jason continued to insist that they didn’t have the time to meet with the clients and instead decides to send Bill, Kwame, Nick, and Bowie to start the photo shoot while he, Troy, and Sam stayed to do some research.
Tammy, from Protégé, comes up with a risky idea that Omarosa wasn’t buying since she thought it was a bad approach that might offend the clients. Tammy tells Omarosa that she believes her idea will entertain Donnie Deutsch by mixing “serious with funky”. On the other team, Jason believes that Sam is just trying to get attention while Sam doesn’t think Jason is motivating the team enough. Sam was assigned some of the smaller tasks and still failed to complete since he decided to take a nap. Jason mentioned that if it was real life he would have fire him. Meanwhile, Nick and Bill strategized on the ad and commercial by working on them simultaneously and making sure they deliver the message in a very classy way. Omarosa, doesn’t find Tammy’s “testicle ad” to be classy and believes it will lead them to failure. Amy, believes that Tammy’s idea will be a shock factor.
Prior to introducing their work to Lynda Sawyer, Donnie Deutsch, and Peter