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Business introduction

the attributes needed by a person to perform a job for example, personality type, education and qualifications and experience. A person specification is different from a job description because the person specification describes the person needed for the job, it can help to decide the most suitable candidate whereas the job description describes what you have to do for the job.

employees that they may recruit. A job description is fundamental to any business because it allows the business to set expectations so staff duties are met in turn leading to the vision of the business being met.
Next is a major fashion retailer in the current market and so one of the main things they’ll be looking for is people who have a passionate interest in the world of fashion

Impatient unit
Size and Scale
Tesco is an international company Job adverts
Job adverts are created so that suitable candidates are attracted to a job position, in order to recruit suitable candidates job adverts usually include:
Details of the business (name, brand, location)
An outline of the job
Any experience and qualifications that are required
Application process (how to apply, deadline)
A good job advert is likely to include an accurate description of the job and its requirements. It will have honest and true information about the job and business and will give a positive feel to potential employees. The information in the job advert should also be relevant for example, giving information that the applicants need to know at the first stage of the recruitment process such as, qualifications and shift hours.
The choice of medium used to advertise the job depends on the type of job that is being advertised for example, if it is a senior job it might be advertised in a national newspaper or specialist magazine (the Economist, BusinessWeek). If it is a job that requires less skill than one of a senior job than this may be advertised in a local newspaper. Advertising in a local newspaper costs significantly less than advertising in a national newspaper or television.
Another medium of advertising is online. Many business advertise job positions online as the internet is widely used. Next also post job positions online, they do this a number of ways:
Through job sites where job adverts are posted

Through their own website where they post current vacancies that are