Essay on Advertising and New Look

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To reach out to their customers New Look used a range of media and publications; Websites, Newsletters and Brochures. Each one had a different purpose yet their aims were all very similar, to retain their customers and inform them about any new information. New Look’s website is updated and holds all the right information, from sales/discounts to legal information such as contact details. Because they have several departments their website is quite complex but it is simple and easy to use. They have many links such as their blog and competitions which attracts maybe not all customers but the ones who are interested. If there were to be improvements made on their website it would be to include the menswear more. Whilst their ranges are mainly female focused the website has a feminine feel and this may discourage their male customers.
New Look’s newsletter is very inviting. It consistently informs the customer about what is new in to their store and online and any sales/discounts that the customer might interested in. Also, when signing up for the weekly/daily newsletter, it asks the customer whether they are male or female. This makes the newsletters more personal to the customers and avoids the customer receiving emails they wouldn’t want such as information about men’s products. The newsletter is a good way for retailers to constantly convince customers to shop online. They send a lot of emails for sales and seasonal items. Perhaps they shouldn’t send as many emails