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BM3613 Marketing Communications 2012-13
Assignment One (15% of module grade)
Discussion title:
‘IMC is the major communications development of the last decade of the twentieth century. Many organisations proclaim IMC to be a key competitive advantage of marketing. Integration of communications – as with anything else, attempts to combine, integrate and synergise different elements of the promotional mix, so to consumers, messages through a variety of different mechanisms look, sound and feel alike.’ De Pelsmacker & Kitchen (2004)
Critically discuss the above statement on the subject of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) in relation to advertising strategy and planning in the UK.
You are required to write a paper to discuss the above title. In your discussion, you are expected to use relevant literature in the form of books and journal articles (in addition to the ones supplied below) to support your arguments.
Submission criteria:
This is an individual piece of work and you should each submit a paper in the form of an academic journal article.
Your paper should be no longer than three A4 sides of paper of single spaced size 12 point font. A title page plus reference list (using the Harvard style) is also required.
Issue date: 26th October 2012 Hand in date: 30th November 2012
Journal papers and books:
You will need to look at books and journal references from the reading list in the module handbook. Listed below are some academic journal references which will assist you in starting your search for relevant references (in the Learning Resources Centre and using the e-resources facility).
Cornelissen, J. (2003) ‘Change, Continuity and Progress: The Concept of Integrated Marketing Communications and Marketing Communications Practice’ Journal of Strategic Marketing Vol. 11.
Duncan, T. And Everett, S. (1993) ‘Client Perceptions of integrated marketing communications.’ Journal of Advertising Research 33 (3).
Eagle, L., Kitchen, P.J., and Bulmer, S. (2007) ‘Insights into interpreting Integrated Marketing Communications: A Two-Nation Qualitative Comparison’ European journal of Marketing Vol 41 (7/9).
Kitchen, P., Kim, I. and Shultz, D.E. (2008) ‘Integrated Marketing Communications’ Journal of Advertising Research 48(4).
Marking criteria:
In this assignment I will be judging your ability to