Advertising And Press Release

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Advertising and Press Release
Lorraine Covarrubias
June 22, 2013
Shannon Sorenson

Advertising and Press Release

Carl’s Jr’s new super bacon cheeseburgers have a super hero theme as they are offering it for a limited time due to the release of Warner Bros. movie “Man of Steel”. The super bacon cheeseburger comes with six that is right six slices of bacon, charbroiled beef, American cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, onion and lettuce. This is the must eat burger of the summer. Carl’s Jr. ad for their super bacon cheeseburger also shows the star of the movie “Man of Steel” in their commercials. Using man for a super bacon cheeseburger grabs the attention of the audience. The cheeseburger is targeted to the everyday heroes such as the construction workers that appear in the commercials that can be seeing on television for the restaurant or policemen, firefighters, anyone who is hard working and needs a break from their hard work to fuel up. In the world of Superman he feels that these everyday supermen deserve a super satisfying burger that will fill them up and keep them satisfied so they can continue to work and be the everyday heroes that they are. These everyday heroes deserve a reward for all their hard work and what a better way to reward them then to offer them a hunger satisfying burger that will fuel them up. Carl’s Jr’s intended targeted audience for this burger is men who do not have the time to stop and eat because they are constantly on the go or crunched for time. They are men that are looked at and thought to be manly. They are also targeting consumers that are not focusing or counting calories, and also the consumers who are not afraid to get a little ketchup on their face and once again these consumers would be men. The intended audience would also be young men late teen years to possibly early twenties. They would be high school football players, wrestlers, basketball players or baseball players who would need to curb their super appetite. When I think of someone who could such a large burger for some reason always think of athletes. Also college students who are fueling up for a late night study session. When I see this hamburger all I can think of is being full. You would have to have a super appetite to be able to finish the burger. The burger is always depicted larger than it really it is and that is what draws the consumers in. They want to see if it really is as large as they see it and also prove to their friends that they are able to finish it. They are after all supermen with super appetites. The intended effect of this ad is to show a burger that will satisfy a super-sized hunger. As mentioned before Carl’s Jr. depicts its super bacon cheeseburger to be large while doing this it grabs the attention of someone with a large appetite that needs to satisfy their hunger. It depicts a burger with all the fixings that has the everyday hero wanting to get through their morning daily routine and head to lunch. The burger is mouthwatering and has consumers wanting to take a break to enjoy the hamburger. Carl’s Jr. advertisement depicts a manly burger. If there are enough consumers purchasing the burger than more than likely Carl’s Jr. will make it an everyday staple and be added to their menu. Fast food restaurants including Carl’s Jr. are always looking for a new product to drive up their revenue and letting consumers know that it is a limited time they will want to come in and try the burger. With more consumers requesting the burger Carl’s Jr. might just add it to their menu and then it will become a daily staple for the everyday heroes. The advertisement was not misleading for the simple fact that it is not advertising that by eating the super bacon cheeseburger you will get super powers or a super strength but simply states that you will satisfy a super hunger. The advertisement also does not mention that it does not have a lot of calories or even that is healthy for you. The consumer should