Advertising and Skin Tone Essay

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ans Did any of you notice anything about bleaching in these magazines? Yes what message did you take away from these bleaching advertisements? After reading the magazines I can definitely say I took away the bleaching message, I would purchase one of these products.They target the problem areas I have that aren’t classified beautiful in society like an uneven skin tone is ugly and horrible especially when it’s dark. I want an even skin tone and soft skin radiant skin and that’s what’s being advertised. I realty do believe lighter skin tone shows of your features more beautifully. (Participant G Focus Group 2) To highlight the common shared view another participant said,

I took away the message that I need to maintain my skin tone, I’m naturally light but I don’t want to get any darker, so I would purchase the creams to maintain my lightness. I want to maintain beauty and keep my skin soft, everything the advert says really, people wouldn’t think I’m beautiful darker. (Participant E Focus Group 1) However the other common answer between participants from both focus groups were on the opposite side of the spectrum. One of the participants said,

I am not going to lie the though of purchasing