Bmw Advertising

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A long time ago, people traded goods and services directly for other goods and services. Later, the invention of money, credit cards…simplified and improved trade. Today, social scientists even created VALS (Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles,) a psychographic market segmentation to help companies study people’s behavior toward their products and services, and also to predict which types of people that are most likely to purchase certain products or services. In this paper, I will study some advertisings of BMW, and then see how they affect the buying attitude of the Achievers, one of eight different groups of VALS.
According to VALS, Achievers are consumers who are motivated by achievement. They are successful and satisfied from their jobs and families. Achievers often use established products and services that show off their success to their peers. For instance, if they want to buy a new car, they would probably choose a famous brand – such as BMW – which has shown its success over time. Let’s look at some BMW advertisings to see how they fit these critics!
AT FIRST GLANCE A BMW: Thanks to its striking face, a BMW is recognizable at first glance: two kidney-shaped air intakes – the "kidney" grille – with the BMW emblem above and two double-round headlights have been distinguishing every BMW for more than 40 years.
FACE OF THE BMW 5 SERIES. Charismatic presence: The BMW 5 Series pioneered the segment of the sporty touring sedan and sets new standards with each generation.