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Advertising Opportunity:
24 Mundunga Place, Sailors Bay, COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2956
DATE: 13/03/2013 BRAND: ORANGE
Groves Unlimited is poised to implement critical primary market strategies with the impending release of their unique new product ORANGE to the Australian market. Since Groves Unlimited inception in 2012, considerable time and resources have been allocated to the development, testing and fine tuning of our new flagship brand ORANGE. Groves Unlimited is eager to release its new product, is confident of a strong positive consumer response to ORANGE and expects that ORANGE will have a large impact on the fresh fruit produce market leading to considerable changes in consumer purchasing patterns and consumption.
ORANGE is a fruit of the Citrus family. Both its outer skin and inner contents are a vivid orange colour. ORANGE is a medium to large sized fruit about 10cm in diameter. The outer layer, or skin, of ORANGE is considerably harder than the inner contents and is considered inedible. ORANGE is a very juicy fruit with a delicious, strong, sweet and slightly tangy taste. Rigorous laboratory testing has established that ORANGE is the only fruit which can supply you with your entire recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and Niacin by consuming just one portion. ORANGE is a dynamic and durable product; it doesn’t spoil quickly or bruise easily and can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge or can be squeezed for its juice and consumed as a tasty and refreshing drink, which requires no sweetening. The flesh of ORANGE can be consumed directly with no preparation other than the removal of the outer layer.
ORANGE will initially be available in Australia from retail food stores throughout the country, including; Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, IGA, Harris Farm, Foodworks and many other retailers varying in size and location. ORANGE will be initially purchasable for $0.24 per kg, or approximately $0.08-$0.10 per ORANGE, and can be purchased in either single units (loose) or in 6kg and 10kg portions which come pre-packaged in plastic or net sacks.
Considering the market potential and current lack of direct competitors, Groves Unlimited intends to push ORANGE into the Australian market place as soon as possible. Pending outcomes from the implementation of their current strategic marketing plan and market response, Groves Unlimited has plans to increase ORANGE distribution and push into international markets. It is imperative that maximum market penetration is achieved before fruit growers from California, Florida and Southern European countries are able to implement competitive strategies.
To assist in furthering this objective, Groves Unlimited wishes that the release of ORANGE be supported by and extensive advertising communications program. Groves Unlimited believes that Radio, Television and consumer Magazine mediums would be best suited to achieve maximum penetration and coverage of the target market, but is willing to expand the program to additional medias upon proposal. The target market has been established as men and women aged 18-55 who lead active lifestyles and have an interest in health and wellbeing and feel that achieving and maintaining a state of ‘best’ functioning is an important consideration in daily decision making. Key market segments have been identified as: * Women shopping for dependents and/or partners, who juggle busy schedules both for themselves and those they shop for and who feel time cost of preparing food is an issue. * Young Males and Females, predictably students who are increasingly becoming more independent and are forming new life habits and ideals, and who are concerned about cost, efficiency and health. * Educated young Male and Female Professionals who can be considered typically “time poor” and are concerned with maintaining energy and productivity throughout the day, with a minimal time investment.
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