Advertising: Chanel and Coco Mademoiselle Essay

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Analysis Essay - Advertising
Advertising is a way of communication through mass media to encourage audiences to take actions that advertisers want them to take. The advertisement I chose is a Chanel cosmetics advertisement on one of the most popular perfume, Coco
Mademoiselle. Coco Mademoiselle is a light and fresh perfume, which is designed for young ladies. The way and fragrance this perfume is designed makes a perfect connection with young ladies in the society, who are young, gorgeous, energetic, strong and self-loving. By using a French word “mademoiselle”, a famous young actress as image and pathos appeal, ethos appeal and logos appeal, the advertisement make an even stronger bond with young Chanel fans.
On this advertisement, Keira Knightley, a sexy British famous actress is the image of this perfume. She always shows a positive image for young ladies, both from reality and movies. Keira has been noticed to be the second highest paid actress in Hollywood and earned the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, which all represent her as an independent, gorgeous, successful young lady.
In her movie, for example: Pirates of the Caribbean. In this movie,
Keira played Elizabeth Swann, a young lady who has the courage to leave her wealthy family and fight for survival, freedom and love.

In this advertisement, Keira, with mouth half-opened, holds a bottle of perfume near her mouth. She has a short hair that is perfectly curled into loose waves. The make-up is not heavy except her smoky eyes; it seems like she looks straight into your eyes. The cloth she wears in this advertisement is very sensibly and fashioned. The overall outfit presents Keira as an even stronger image of stylish, young, capable, independent and energetic.
Moreover, the name of the perfume, Coco Mademoiselle, is printed at the right bottom of the advertisement in a large size.
‘Mademoiselle’ is a French word used to call young ladies with respect. The font is elegant and vital, represents youth and energetic. The name of this perfume (Miss Coco in English) is originated from the major founder and designer of this Chanel,
Coco Chanel. She changes the taste and view of women in early century and creates a new fashion style for women with dresses, accessories and blouses and so on. Clearly, she was a young, beautiful, fashioned, independent and self-confident woman. By giving her name to the perfume, it reflects Coco Chanel’s personalities and attitudes onto this perfume. It definitely attracts these audiences who want to have these personalities and agree on how Coco Mademoiselle defined a beautiful young lady.
In addition, the branch name, Chanel, is bolded and printed on

the top right corner of this advertisement in a smaller size. Chanel is a famous fashion brand for clothes, accessories, perfumes and all kinds of luxury goods. The brand was found in 1909 in Paris,
France, the place that always leads the fashion style of all other countries in the world. Chanel has more than three hundreds stores around the world. The store usually located in shopping district and wealthy communities. Hence, the brand always has the image of wealth, fashion and stylish. Chanel invited a lot of famous fashion models and actresses as image of advertising, such as Nicole
Kidman, Audrey Tautou and Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, the advertisement can attract some Chanel fans simply by the fame and reputation of the brand.
This advertisement perfectly applies three appeals previously introduced, pathos appeal, ethos appeal and logos appeal. Pathos appeal attracts audiences by emotions; ethos appeal persuades audience by credibility and characteristics of authors; logos appeal convinces audiences by