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Advertising Outrage

Advertising is a helpful way to inform consumers of the products one the market, but the government needs to limit the amount of adds on T.Vs. “Advertising isn’t all bad” according to Klaus Rosmanitz, “Advertising educates consumers about the new products and services that can help them improve their life”. He also claims on his website English On-line that advertising isn’t all good, “Through advertising people sometimes buy products that they don’t need.” This means that they are wasting money on useless items. Not all the things that you buy are bad, some products provide entertainment, fitness, or pleasure. “The average American spends four and a half hours a day watching TV”, according to “ 99 percent of U.S house holds own at least one TV.” That is time wasted watching ads. If TV stations cut the number of ads down to half, watching TV would take a lot less time, and people would have time to do other productive things. According to a study done by Klaus Rosmanitz 83 percent of people don’t even pay attention to most adds. Advertising has also been corrupted, According to “Hiding behind globalization and partial truths, advertising has become more questionable by promoting gluttony, vanity, materialism, and other unhealthy ways of thinking in order to create artificial product needs in consumers.” This is one reason people go into dept, they can’t pay for things they order or buy. The APA says that,