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Immediately were printed characters invented by advertising men they were used to promote their products. We ads are written on parchment and papyrus, carved into the walls and tombs, can be found printed by the first printing press. But we use these different forms of advertising, but it seems a little thought and attention has been paid to them. Postells is painted signs, street car posters, brochures, calendars, yearbooks, directories, magazines and newspapers ads, now we have to see them, most of them were surprised to learn that established modern forms of advertising innovation.

The first ads of the 1648 magazine ad printed in English, began only relatively recently has appeared in the Imperial informant in March. For example, the first
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Chinese theater usually play the trailer. The cost of advertising in TV studios, because they have to buy time in the last minute can be partially enormous. China usually limits the foreign advertising windows movie in a few weeks.

Instead, get the film company that few people outside of China has ever heard of a company with a huge range phone, the online teams and local advertising and promotional partners, paid an outdoor banners and signs: the mtime.

Kelvin Hou, a former Microsoft executive on the mtime film era, founded in 2005 in Beijing launched online list, hence the name. Then, the film was embedded database. The following movie news, user submitted reviews, was 3,000 cinemas scoring system and online ticket sales. According to Mr. Hou now attracts 160 million unique desktop and mobile users per month, effective Mtime Fandango, IMDB, the film is rolled up on a rotten tomatoes and Yahoo.


Kelvin Hou, Founder and CEO of mtime (CEO). Credit quality Sabrie for The New York Times
And pay Mtime studio is to promote films through a quick ride to help cover the market, but not yet fully understood and