Advertising In The American Dream

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Roni Flores

Advertisements impact people's lifes in one way or another wether they are conscious about it or not. The American Dream is often depicted in many advertisements and these ads make people believe what is ideal in our society. Many Americans believe in these ideals that advertisements try to sell to them beacause the ads make them feel a certain way about the product they are representing. Our society has become consumer based and most people try to get the latest and greatest material things even though their financial situation is not a healthy one. The American Dream is depicted in this first ad as having the ideal home and accessories that come in it. This asvertisement shows a family in the living room laughing and enjoying each others company while sitting in leather couches and watching a football game in a big screan T.V. The primary product being sold here is furniture by La-Z-Boy and it is intended to be sold to adults. This ad is intended to make you feel like your company will enjoy being at your house if you bought their products. The advertisement is well displayed with beautiful furniture that I would love to purchase if I was in need of a couch, beacause it looks like it is sturdy and has great material. Ads like these may affect someones spending habits beacause it will lure them into buying a piece of furniture they might not need at the moment but feel they should get it beacause it is beautiful and inexpensive. Sometimes people feel pressured to buy things when they don't need them, especially if someone they know like a family member or neighbor have a nicer looking house that they admire and a look they would like to achieve for their own home. The next advertisement I analyzed is Nearly Naked Makeup by Revlon, a cosmetic line for women . This advertisement is selling to us a perfect complexion along with a sense of feeling beautiful beacuase it will cover our flaws and imperfections. Many women in our society have grown up wanting beautiful skin beacause that is what is accepted as being beautiful. The message in this ad has affected me along with thousands of other similar ads throughout my life that made me feel the same, ads like these have played with my self worth. I've suffered from acne most of my teenage and adult life and have always wanted to cover my imperfections with makeup to feel beautiful and accepted by others. I would buy this product that Revlon is selling beacause they have been known at least from my perspective to have good quality products and get the job done when it comes to covering imperfections. I spend money every other month buying products like these whether is it makeup, makeup remover or brushes and I intend to keep buying them. Many poeple I know that are my age have healthy clean