Advertising: Marketing and Patek Philippe Essay

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When one flips through a magazine, many are the advertisements one will see. All advertisements are meant to create a good visual image about a product but that of Patek Philippe watches are normally unique. Communication by visual image is the most important dimension of an advertising message. Even in a medium like radio, the images produced by the listener still carry an important function. Visual imagery also can have an effect on textual components in advertisements, which affects brand awareness or liking. Advertisements are more effective when the picture “agree” with the textual message. This ad of Patek Philippe in the Forbes magazine is one I find intriguing because the picture and the textual message really “agree”.
Visual imagery is used to command attention, stimulate curiosity and demonstrate product features and benefits. It is also meant to establish a personality for a product, associate the product with certain symbols and lifestyles, and anchor the brand in the minds of the target audience. This Patek Phillippe ad has a man formally dressed in suit and a boy believed to be his son also formally dressed up. The man is answering a call but he is looking directly into the eyes of the boy and both faces are full of smiles. Attention is first drawn to the two figures in the advert; the man and the boy when one take a glance at this ad. It is assumed that this advert only featuring two male figures is targeted at men. The suit implies a successful man likely to be from an upper middle class in social-economic categories. The father here might appeal as a role model. He is both attractive and well dressed, implying a successful life. He also has a son who is presumably not an unruly problem child because he is also well dressed. This means the father is acting as a well-dressed wealthy man with a bond between himself and his son so by purchasing the watch, others might also perceive themselves to have this kind of success in life. The smiles in their face also indicate happiness associated with possessing this kind of watch.
On the top right corner just above the head of the man has the text, “Begin your own tradition” in black ink. This sentence taps into the importance of legacy. A popular school of thought in post-modem culture is the desire of men to create a legacy in the latter part of their life. Legacy can also be traced back to be under the bracket of self-actualization in Maslow’s theory of needs and society also expects men to create some form of legacy before they pass away. Regardless, there is a clear attempt in the advert to appeal to men who want to create their own legacy. The purchase of the watch is not for a single individual; it’s a timely purchase for the benefit of the whole family. This also shows that the watch is durable and can resist all conditions because in other for something to be upheld as a legacy, it must last long.
Beneath the picture is the sentences, “you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely take care of it for the next