Advertising Media Summary Essay

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Advertising Media Summary
In advertising, advertising using media will be the best way to advertise the products. It’s the most effective way to let consumers know your products. But there are lots of type of advertising media and the company needs to choose that how to distribute the advertisement to different types of media. They need to analysis the pros and cons for each types of advertising media and matching the appropriate solution to advertise the products. They are television, newspapers, Radio, Magazines, Direct Mail, Internet advertising, Sponsorship, Outdoor Advertising and others media options.
Television advertising is post the ads on TV. It’s the number one of the advertising media because it’ s the most effective way to let people know your products and your company. Simply put the advertisement on TV and it will view buy a huge among of people. However, less and less people are watching cable TV these days. Many people choose to watch online service such as Netflix, iTunes. It ‘s has less distracting advertisements so that they can simply enjoy the movies or TV show. Also, it’s the most expensive way advertising media for all time.
Newspaper is a great way to advertising products. Because they are free, and there are a huge amount of people are willing to read every single day. However, not everyone will watch every single page of the newspaper. It cost a lot of money if enough spaces that needed to describe the products or company in details.
There are also many people listen to Internet radio or FM radio everyday, which makes the radio advertising become very important. People who drive to work and home enjoying listen to radio everyday because they feel bored while on the way to do something. If a company wants to do advertising through radio, morning and evening will be the best time. However, it only focuses on a small area of people such as local radio station. National radio will be very expensive.
Magazines is also a great way that doing ads with different types of magazines. It is the best way to deliver the ads to targets group of people. For example, if a company is selling women’s clothing, they should post the abs on a women’s fashion magazine. If a company is selling soccer shoes, they’d better public the ads on a soccer magazine.
Direct mail is to deliver the ads to the customers directly. If cost really low comparing with other kinds of advertising media and it’s really effective if the company do it right. A great company such as will recommend products base on customers’ interest or viewing history. It will stimulate customers to purchase product. However, if the advertisement mails are sending too frequently, it will be really annoying. It will make a negative impact although it’s an active move. Outdoor advertising is a really flexible for posting ads. The ads will be post in a public area such as billboards. And it can also post on a moving transport such as bus, hot-air balloon. People will notice these ads whether they like it or not. And it can be post in different specific area if the company thinks these places have the most impact. However, it must be very short and brief. It cannot describe in details otherwise people won’t see it. It should facing different weather condition so that the company needs to spend much time changing the ads.
Advertising the product that using Internet as a medium to deliver the ads to people becomes the most important marketing strategy in 21st century. It can be share by friends to friends, it can be post on different websites, it can gain feedbacks and it can set up reputation. It cost extremely low and it just need few people to running with. All these different kinds of advantages make Internet advertising become the most unique way to post advertisement. Internet advertising should be a mandatory stuff that every company needs to have. Although it takes time to set up and it’s a long- term advertising.
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