Advertising Strategies Essay

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Advertising Strategies

When an advertiser places one of their advertisements into a newspaper, they want their advertisement to appeal to the readers of that particular magazine. They could have the exact same message, but considering their audience, they could make it more effective if they use a different strategy to market their product. This is very common for advertising strategies to change when the content of the magazine changes. You can relate the way that the magazine producers choose their ads by when Steve Craig says that "…program producers and schedulers must consider the target audience needs of their clients" (162). The types of advertisements are driven by the content of the magazine. Sports Illustrated provides a
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This strategy is what Craig calls "men's women". In the "men's women" advertisements Craig says, "When women do appear in men's commercials, they seldom challenge the primary masculine fantasy. Men's women are portrayed as physically attractive, slim, and usually young and white, frequently blond, and almost always dressed in revealing clothing. There are almost always hints of sexual availability in men's women, but this is seldom played out explicitly" (166). In the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated Evan Williams advertisement, they use a very similar format for their ad compared to the fishing one in the regular edition of Sports Illustrated. The advertisement is split into two parts, on the left hand side, there is a photograph of a girl that looks almost like a hobo that was picked off of the streets. She is dressed in clothes that look like they were fashionable back in the late 1800's and the color looks very bland. Right above the photograph contains the same words that were on the advertisement in the regular edition of Sports Illustrated, "The longer you wait". On the right side of this advertisement is a picture of that same girl featured on the left side. This time she is dressed in a strapless belly shirt and is covered in makeup to make her look beautiful. The colors in the