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Corporations and manufactures use various ways of advertising their products to you. Some commercials use words constructed to make a product look amazing. To most, it does not matter that the commercials present many details. These kinds of advertisements make use of catchy phrases, such as “Nationwide on your side!” or “Just Do It.”One clever marketing tool is to get a celebrity to endorse or promote your product positively. Distributors know that when they show a famous football player happily munching on their chips, that consumers have a propensity to go out and purchase the chips. Commercials show sport players or singers posing with shiny cars or whiz-bang special effects or animation. Emotional testimonies for a product guarantee to improve our intelligence, our beauty, or popularity. They all are confirmed tactics to encourage citizens to purchase. Ponder this for a moment. What kinds of ads come to you every day? All right, now think about this. What kind of effect do your peers have on you? Everything can affect you to buy; rather it is where the many types of advertising. Some however are more popular or have a bigger effect on you. Even the least popular way of presenting a product has effect on you. It is crazy the way marketers have broken selling strategies to almost a complete science. Some of the most popular advertising trades are using humor, showing a sex appeal, progression, showing false images, giving a reward, brand-loyalty, using scientific, and glittering. Primarily, using humor can be very beneficial. This is most-likely the most used and most popular advertising tactic. Everybody loves this style of advertising. To get people to talk about it and remember it marketers construct it a certain way. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy watching this style of advertising. Whenever, a truly funny commercial comes on I am ecstatic to view it! Like, I said earlier this category of advertising is the most popular and most used this is however, because once a “funny” commercial airs on television people start discussing them in casual conversation. After, they hear about they tend to watch out for it, or ask other people about it. Just by one person, watching this commercial it can multiply 10 fold. A time when “humor” commercials turn out to be the funniest and the best all around are during the Super Bowl half time. People still talk about commercials constructed three to four years past. In fact, one of my favorite commercials played during the Super Bowl. This commercial featured a man and a dog. The man had just opened up the bag of Doritos and let the small Teacup Yorkie. At first, the man was teasing the dog with the bag of Doritos acting as if he was going to give him one. After the dog got outside, the man had just turned around when the door comes crashing down on him from the little Teacup Yorkie running in to it trying to get the Doritos. I laughed harder than I have before. It was hilarious. This commercial was probably the most talked about commercial of the year. Everybody loved this commercial and talked about it for the whole entire year. Many companies use this category of marketing and find it very beneficial. These companies include Geico, which uses a gecko cracking jokes about people who do not use their insurance agency, Dairy Queen, which has big red lips talking about the joy Dairy Queen’s ice-cream gives them, and Doritos, which has an assortment of various comical commercials. In the end, humor, which is the most popular and most used category, has an immense effect on your product and your buyers. Secondly, the only other marketing technique that could rival humor is sex appeal. Besides humor, sex appeal is the most used and most effective tactic. Marketers today, feel like everybody is a victim to sex appeal. Sadly, it is true. This type of seductive scheme affects everybody. Marketers believe that this method can immensely increase productions. Sex appeal just