Advertising Techniques

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Advertising Technique
Advertisement is something we got exposed to everyday in our life. Most people choose to ignore them because they are all over the places. Some can be very bad while others can be really good. However, there are a few techniques that companies uses to create effective advertisements and these include facts and figure and wit and humor.

Facts and figure is probably the most common technique that is used by advertisers. They give you the statistic and information about a certain product to make people believe that this product is better than other product. The reason why Fact and figure work well on consumers is because people believe more in statics rather than words with no prove. The field of technology often use this technique to advertise their product; Some example would be cars and phone. Companies like Toyota would insert statistics in their ads and tell people what this car can do, or how fast this car would travel. This will create an image in people’s mind that this car is worth the price. Phone companies also use this technique to market their customers, companies like Apple would advertise their product by telling people how this phone is better than the previous one. This is smart, because by using the statistic about the new phone, people should understand why this phone is better than the previous phone.

Wit and humor is a very smart technique to grab people’s attention. People love these kind of ads and they might be interesting in the product just because the