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Sep 17, 2013

Who is the Winner of Advertising War

Although purposes of advertising varies, – from raising people’s awareness on certain issues to touting to sell products– their common focus is to attract viewers’ attention. While some advertisements are becoming garish in order to survive and attract more views from audience, some are galvanizing people with brilliant ideas, using ironies and parodies.
There are hundreds and thousands of provocative or over-the-top advertisements. Advertisers are desperate for consumers’ attention because there are too many advertisements that consumers tend to look on the fanciest ones. In addition, advertisements are needlessly ornate as the result of advertising war – they are like cheap fast food, which can be cooked fast and stimulate one’s appetite but unhealthy when consumed.
For example, here are two advertisements with completely different advertising tactics. First, a truck decal company in Waco, Texas, created a truck decal featuring a bound woman trying to get some attention.
In the picture, there is a bound blonde woman wearing jeans and pink t-shirts on a tailgate of a truck with her hands and feet tied with rope. Most reactions to the advertisement were extremely cynical. One commenter expressed his antipathy against the advertisement suggesting an idea that why not a picture with a gazelle about to jump down from a truck’s tailgate. A Reporter reported that the picture contributes to culture of violence against woman, and there were many false 911 calls made. Ironically, unlike what most expected, the company’s sales volume has significantly increased, since the release of the advertisement. Some critics had a quite different position with others, emphasizing the point that the company is not the only one to blame on, but the consumers’ attitude, which seeks for