Advertising and Marketing Using Social Media - Itunes Essay

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Advertising and Marketing Using Social Media
iTunes, also known as the iTunes Store, is a leading online store for digital media and online software. Apple Incorporation operates the store. Apple inc. is a leading computer manufacturer and marketer. The store opened in 2003 to become the major music vendors and online music provide in the United States. In the recent past, the store has been offering millions of e-books, videos, songs, and applications. The success of iTunes is attributed to its business strategy and ability to market itself online. The method of doing business is rather integrative such that it reduces the costs usually incurred in operations. This report explains the iTunes advertisement strategy and
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Conducting Campaigns iTunes has relied on various campaigns and promotional strategies to inform customers about their products and services. The store has been conducting its campaigns using its fun pages and product pages on Twitter and Facebook. Having created a Facebook or Twitter page, the online store has always updated the pages to ensure the visitors understand the new events, promotions, and products in place. This has ensured the campaigns are successful thereby attracting more clients (Yoffie, 2010, p. 17). The trick behind the company’s online presence has been promoted by its campaigns whereby the visitors are guided about different products, how to download them, and use them. The campaign includes a strategic approach that seeks to support mission and vision of the company. As well, visitors can access the main website from which they can purchase the specific items such as songs, e-books and software from the store. The campaign has been successful thereby increasing the store’s profitability. With the use of different social sites and media, iTunes has been in a position of advertising its products and services to a large number of Facebook and Twitter users today.
Possible Risks of Using Social Media in This Way
As discussed above, the use of the fun pages and product pages on Twitter and Facebook has been an effective tool or approach that has