Advertisment: Firearm and Sig Sauer Company Essay

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Gun Control: Necessary Or Not

Everyone knows the concerns going around on gun control since the Sandy Hook school shooting. There are so many different views on whether citizens should have the right to buy firearms, especially the assault rifle, military grade firearm. In the Magazine “Special Weapons” an advertisement for a major firearm company Sig Sauer has a new add out for their new AR-15. At the bottom of the page it says in bold print, “defend your freedom”. This advertisement can cause so many arguments for what has been going on in our country over the last couple months. People are scared of firearms now that tragic events have happened in the United States. This advertisement was obviously put out for a company that sells guns, and are going to be for gun rights for citizens. Sig Sauer is a top of the line brand in the firearm world that has been around for almost a hundred years. They do not want their business to go down hill just because of a couple of individuals that decide to abuse their freedom of firearms and use them to harm the innocent. This add is telling the viewer to take advantage while you can and buy and make sure you are protected and safe. The advertisement is obviously saying to buy Sig Sauer when you buy your firearm, but most of all they are telling us to take action on our stance for gun rights. This country was founded on freedom and many think it should stay that way. Taking away the right for citizens to own their own firearms will not really solve the problem we face today in our country. The Sig Sauer Company is trying to get people to realize this and make a stand for what they believe in. In the case of gun control, citizens that do use guns to harm the innocent will not obey the new gun laws. Criminals will still find a way to get what they want no matter the circumstances. It is just impossible to take away all the guns and monitor who is getting them. Criminals do not obey laws, that are why they are criminals. If our nation disarms all of the law abiding citizens we will all be like sitting ducks with only the criminals with the guns. This company wants every citizen to understand the importance of their freedoms in the United States, and not give up so easily. Our government is making a assumption that they can control crime rates by simply taking away guns from everyone but the military and the