Essay on Advertisment's temptation

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Is this product something essential for our life and can’t live without it? Nowadays, there are no days which we don’t encounter advertisements. Advertisements can be seen almost everywhere. They are on TV, magazines, newspapers, and even on the internet. We, as consumers are unconsciously manipulated by incessant advertisements. The images in the advertisements make us to believe how much their products are compulsory or how beneficial for your future. Many of the advertisements are presented with emotional appeal. By appealing emotional appeal, consumers have a feeling of craving the product and tend to purchase it impulsively. This Tiffany advertisement demonstrates rhetorical appeal of pathos because an elated woman is affiliated with the emotional appeal of a look of enchantment: one of the most precious days of our life “marriage” can surpass description by wearing Tiffany ring.

Tiffany & Co. is a jewelry company which is well known in the world. They mainly sell fine jewelries. The advertisement which I chose was published in 2011 spring. Tiffany, of course try to sell the diamonds which they possess. Tiffany utilizes the typical scene what is called wedding. When it comes to diamonds’ advertising, since diamonds aren’t ordinary purchase like commodities, it is very effective to attract the attention of the readers to provide the situation to romanticize the image of wedding or marriage. Tiffany uses the most fundamental aspect in the advertisement to campaign the product.

Tiffany advertisement composed of two parts of pictures. In one picture which is occupied half of the page, newly bride and groom has just come out of the church, and attendance is blessing new couples. One the other picture focused on the bride’s elated countenance. On her finger, there are two shiny, glittering Tiffany rings. In the space between two pictures, the color strategy which is used for this part is traditional Tiffany blue, and nothing much is written except for company’s name and the information for the bridal fair. Only the minimum words are represented in order to pay more