Advice To A Girl Analysis

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Most teenage girls fall in love so easy, and end up getting their hearts broken in the next couple days. When they are going through these types of situations, girls often overthink everything, and they always chase the ones who do not want to be chased. In the poem, Advice to a Girl by Sara Teasdale, the author talks about a young girl who is angry and upset after losing the one she thought she loved. The author uses the psychological lens throughout the poem as the narrator explains how to get through this rough time.
The underlying situation in this poem is complex. Many people have different ideas of the meaning. From the information that I gathered, the overall situation of this poem is that a young girl has had her heart broken. Then
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The quote is, “This truth, this hard and precious stone…” This quote shows that the narrator is telling the girl to be strong and hold her head high. The author is trying to convey a message to teenage ladies that go through situations such as this. The underlying meaning of this line is that the girl in the poem is too beautiful, too strong, and too good for the boy who broke her heart. The “precious stone” is referring to the girl’s mind. This helps set up the idea that she is way too great to be upset over a boy. Her heart is taking over her mind.
The last thing that to be analyzed is, “Hold it like a crystal…”. This line helps continue the main point of this poem. If the girl uses and cherishes her young and wholesome mind, she wound have any doubt that she is worth more than a heartbreak. The author uses the word crystal to the show that this child’s mind holds excellent value. The girl must see the value before she overcomes her adversity.
In conclusion, the author uses great word choice and has great hidden messages. The theme of this poem will always never go out of style. Too many girls in today’s society feel so worthless; only because a worthless and selfish boy made them feel that