Essay on Advice to the Young

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Andy Garcia-Civita
Wade Reck
English, 3
March 18, 2013
Advice To the Young

Going through my middle school years, I would always wonder if there were any tools and tips to make my middle school year amusing and unproblematic. Being An 8th grade student and almost graduating from middle school, I think there are a few tips and tricks that have helped me go through middle school. The most important things to make your middle school years enjoyable and trouble free is to be nice to others, study as much as possible, and to keep an upright mindset. One of the ways to make your middle school year easy and fun is to be nice to others. Being nice to other is important because when you’re nice you will be able to make more friends. At school, having friends is an important way to make your middle schools years easier because when you have friends you can study together and do homework together. This idea might not be ideal for you but it does pay off. Every year your workload grows more and more and having a friend that can help you do some of it together will help get the stress off your back. Being nice to teachers is also helpful to have good middle school year. It is important because teachers are the ones that teach you all of you life lessons and necessities. Another way to make your middle school year great is to study as much as possible. I know how hard it is to study for long periods of time and how boring it is but it pays off. In 6th grade I moved to Lovett from another school and at this school, the teachers did not have challenges for me that really tested my skills. Since I moved to Lovett, I realized the challenges became harder and harder each week. At first I thought that I did not need to study and I would be perfectly fine because of what happened in my old school, but I was wrong. I was on the edge to failing most of my classes and was heading down a terrible path. Studying my notes as much as possible, this was overturned. Due to this change I lifted every one of my classes another grade level and had either high B’s or A’s. Since then I have studied in a quiet area for every test as much for me to be confident in what was being tested on. Where you study is up to you, but studying hard is necessary. These Studying is no fun and takes lots of time but when you are finished and your try your best nothing bad can come out of it.